Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Want To Lose Weight? Matcha Green Tea Can Help You

You might not be a big fan of the regular green tea but matcha is different. With its vibrancy, aroma and rich taste, Matcha has quickly escalated to be one of the celebrities of the tea world. Matcha powder an antioxidant-rich, healthy coffee alternative that you can simply incorporate into your weight loss regime. Not only that, but EGCG (a major antioxidant which enhances weight loss by boosting the metabolism) can be found in abundance in matcha green tea leaves.

Matcha, like the regular green tea, is obtained from Camellia Sinesis plant. But the difference lies in the way it is processed: first the leaves are plucked and dried, then they are finely ground in mills into a bright green powder. The tea’s powder is so fine that you don’t need a tea bag to dip into your cup and throw out the leaves remains. Instead, you dissolve the powder into your cup ingesting all of its antioxidant powers.

ECGC - A powerful antioxidant


Every cup of matcha green tea contains antioxidants 6.2 times that of goji berries, 7 times that of dark chocolate and 60 times that of Spinach. Most green tea contains the metablosm boosting anti-oxidant ECGC, but the ECGC concentration in matcha drinks is nearly three times higher than the regular green tea. Studies have suggested that an intake of matcha green tea before a regular course of exercises increases metabolism and supports rapid weight loss. Other studies have suggested that matcha green tea increases fat-burning capabilities of the body by percent if complemented with a 30-minutes cycling course.

Now you might think- “what’s the best way for me to incorporate matcha into my diet plan?”. That’s simple. To take full advantage of matcha green tea for weight loss, first you need to replace your morning cup of caffeinated drink with a cup of freshly brewed matcha green tea. You can opt to have it as a “Latte” but I just go with the standard water version. Don't worry - matcha also contains some caffeine so you'll still get a bit of a caffeine boost!

You could also drink matcha green tea during the day in between meals

EGCG has properties which could help you feel full throughout the day, according to a new study: an experiment conducted by the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition published last year. Have a cup of matcha 30 minutes before your workout schedule and it will boost your fat burning capacities through the roof. For optimal and fast results, it is necessary to complement matcha with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

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