Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Low Down On Matcha Green Tea Kit Kats

We know all about the health benefits of matcha green tea. We see matcha green tea, lattes, snacks and now even chocolate bars swarming the shelves at supermarkets and stores... Matcha is clearly widely popular and highly loved.

Dark Chocolate Is Good For You, Right?

Dark chocolate is good for the heart, some say it’s good for the skin, in small quantities it's pretty much established to be beneficial to our health. Now we have matcha green tea kit-kat bars, which promise to bring the goodness of dark chocolate and matcha green tea powder together.

In case you're not familiar, the green colored chocolate bars were first spotted in Japan and are limited edition (to the disappointment of matcha lovers all across the world). They have not been made available anywhere else.

Let Me Tell You about How the Matcha Flavored Kit Kats Taste

green kit kats

Having tasted these in Japan recently, I bought a sack full of these chocolate bars for my friends back home. And as I expected, they loved the taste. First off, the matcha green tea powder used in Kit-Kat bars are bright green in color and highly concentrated. You really do get the full flavor of matcha tea from the Kit-Kat bars. It is really really sweet though, but so is dark chocolate. Strangely it sort of tastes like matcha green tea mixed with white chocolate and and a Kit Kat texture.

The Question Still Remains, Are These Chocolate Bars Healthier than Normal Bars?

And that is to say the least, given all that we know about goodness of matcha powder.

The answer is yes and no.

While they have the added anti-oxidants from quality matcha green tea powder, they still are sugary chocolate bars. Once you eat them, be sure to spike down rest of your calorie intake for the day. They certainly are not “health bars”. They are junk food with matcha in them.

Now, having said that, you will only like them if you like matcha green tea itself because the Kit-Kats bear strong matcha flavor. Some people would love them, some people not so much and both the groups will have their reasons.

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