Thursday, August 4, 2016

7 Great Cafes for Buying Matcha Green Tea

There are tons of cafes serving hot and cold matcha beverages nowadays... However, there are very few which provide the best taste, aroma and flavor all combined into your brilliant cup of matcha. Bear in mind, this article is about cafes you can physically go into, so if you are looking for the best matcha green tea powder retailers online click here. Otherwise, let's get to it!

So Here Are 7 of the Top Cafes out There Offering Matcha to Go!

1. Ippodo Tea Company

There are tons of matcha bars on every street of manhattan, but one of them stands out. Ippodo, headquartered in Kyoto is one of those bars. It’s traditional and serves excellent matcha plain and pure.

2. Steven Smith Teamaker

You might have heard of tazo tea, which was later bought by Starbucks. Well, the founder has started a new venture named as after himself, Steven Smith. There are tasting rooms and eateries to help you with making you buying decisions and keep you coming back.

3. Urth Café

This is the best place to get the espresso boost! The matcha here is served simple, straight forward and as shots. There are some heavy verions of matcha blended with bananas and topped with condensed milk and they are all worth trying.

4. Chailait

They offer eight different forms of matcha. There is traditional, top grade and premium grade to satiate all your desires and needs. Matcha hot cholcotae is a must try and you would certainly not be able to stop at one.

5. Curb Kaimuki

This is Honululu’s best matcha latte place. It’s a nice, tiny café where you sit and enjoy close conversations over your cup of matcha variations. As it is a tiny place, sometimes you have to take a get-go cup in order to avoid queues for seats.

6. Thinking Cup

It is located in Boston and boasts of its ceremonial grade matcha offerings. It’s in a neighborhood and the place is tiny so it gets crowded during peak hours and you might have to wait your turn.

7. Dobra Tea

It’s located at seven different locations in the US. Whisked matcha is a popular item on the menu. People keep coming back to this place because of it’s authentic Japanese ambience and small confections meant to accompany the tea.

We hope you enjoyed reading about these cafes!

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